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Gould, born and raised in Great Falls, lived there with his wife and children in 1956, a little over a mile from Kalitzke. His hands had been tied behind his back with his own belt. "Yes, this is a tragedy, but hope never dies," he shares. The bodies of Julianne Marie Julie Williams, 24, and Laura Salisbury Lollie Winans, 26, were found by Park Rangers at the Shenandoah National Park on June 1, 1996, after Lollies golden retriever dog - Taj - was located wandering near the Whiteoak Canyon Trail and turned over to Rangers. [26], On December 22, 2018, veteran reporter Mike Holtzclaw wrote an article for the Daily Press marking Colonial Parkway murders whistleblower Fred Atwell's passing titled: "Former Deputy's Death Leaves Parkway Victim's Families Wondering What He Knew. (Oxygen). A few hours later, police located both their abandoned car and their bodies, brutalized and discarded near the local lovers' lane. It was the first time that Sergeant Kadner, who is 40 and grew up in small-town Iowa, had heard of Duane Bogle and Patricia Kalitzke, teenage sweethearts who had been fatally shot in January 1956, more than two decades before he was born, presumably after they drove to an area in Great Falls, Mont., known as a lovers lane. But no one was ever charged, and the case went cold. Mr. Bogles family contended for years with crazy stories about what might have happened, including rumors that he might have been mixed up with the mob, said Caryn Bogle McCarthy, 54, whose father, James Bogle, was Duane Bogles younger brother. Release date. Some detectives believe that Hall and Margaret were the first victims of the Colonial Parkway Killer due to similarities in modus operandi. heading in the wrong direction, away from their destination, which confused police. From the November 1991 issue of Cosmopolitan, see how real-life psychic Annette Martin used her abilities to help a retiring California detective solve a cold case that had haunted him for decades.. How to look regal by the experts the royals rely on:Tinned mackerel for youthful skin, walking through a Want better sleep? (Oxygen). Their murders remain unsolved. Traci Rosenbaum/USA Today Network via Reuters Co. ", 16 things to know about the brutal 1984 murder of a West End couple, People sharing tips about 1984 murder of young couple in West End woods. Police assume Daniel died similarly. Over the years, persons of interest came and went. Despite her drive and determination, Cathy left the Navy just before her death. And its still certainly a possibility. So she decided that the Navy wasnt the right place for her. He continued to work on the Kalitzke/Bogle case even while handling the newer cases that were landing on his desk all the time, but he had a feeling that more was needed to get to the bottom of what had happened to the couple all those decades ago. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. 'Urban legends usually come out of some seed of truth,' former prosecutor and Lovers Lane Murders co-host Loni Coombs explains in a preview clip. Clippings from the Great Falls Tribune were part of the Cascade County Sheriff's Office investigative file into the 1956 murders of Patricia Kalitzke and Lloyd Duane Bogle. Her death certificate stated unknown for date and place of injury. She was actually the most improved Russian speaker at the Naval Academy. at 2:00 a.m. on August 18, only hours after they were last seen. But when you put everything together, theres no doubt in my mind that hes the suspect.. "I cant emphasize this enough, but there was a tremendous amount of resistance for those women joining the academy," Thomas explained. "It was such a big case. Both driver and passenger side doors were unlocked with the keys still in the ignition. This case, like the others, has gone unsolved, but all four double homicides remain active. By subscribing to this BDG newsletter, you agree to our. The two victims were last seen on September 19, 1987, after the young couple had met at an arcade and Robin had snuck out later that night to meet up with David. A lot of different people had a turn at this, and we just werent able to take it to conclusion, he said. Now that the authorities have a suspect, it conclusively allows to us to stop wondering, she said. In September 2009, it was discovered by CBS News affiliate WTKR that nearly 80 highly graphic crime scene photographs of Colonial Parkway murders victims were used to instruct a class by a retired and now deceased former FBI photographer. And remember, this was the 1980s. Stephanie Nolasco covers entertainment at [3] There were 150 partial latent prints found on and in the car, in addition to full prints but they matched to no one in the records, however. In 2008, E! The note, which was undated and purportedly written by Phelps, indicated that she was to meet someone in a blue van at a rest stop. Kalitzke died approximately an hour after Bogle. The office identified Kenneth Gould, a horse trainer who died in 2007, as the likely suspect who had shot and killed Mr. Bogle, 18, and Ms. Kalitzke, 16, more than 65 years ago. The jogger assumed that a drunk driver might have accidentally swerved there so they alerted a highway patrolman who arrived on scene and discovered Thomas and Dowski's bodies inside Thomas's white 1980 Honda Civic. Police dogs tracked the two students scent to the York River shoreline. . Nothing appeared to have been disturbed: the keys were on the driver's seat, and a watch and eyeglasses were on the dashboard. Their bodies have never been found, but both are presumed dead. Three days later, the bodies of Knobling and Robin Edwards, 14, washed ashore on the James River at the Ragged Island Wildlife Refuge. One such investigator was Detective Sgt. CNN After 65 years, a grisly double murder case of two teenagers in Great Falls, Montana, was solved with DNA evidence, according to investigators. Their hands were bound, their mouths were gagged, and their throats were slit. A day later, CallLess's Toyota Celica was found at a York River overlook that was only a few miles away from whereThomas and Dowski had been murdered two years prior. (Photo by Scott Neville/ For The Washington Post via Getty Images). Julianne and Laura were last seen alive on May 24 in the park. [31], On February 4, 2021, in advance of their Lover's Lane Murders television series, the Oxygen Network released a series of videos including "Why Would Law Enforcement Not Release All Records On a Case Like the Colonial Parkway Murders? She was raped at least once, though the location of that rape remains unknown. Knobling, who worked at his father's landscaping business, was expecting a baby with his longtime girlfriend. However, Thomas claimed new tips come in "every week or two," giving hope that these cold cases can be solved today. On April 10, 1988,Christopher Newport University students Richard CallLess, 20, andCassandra Hailey, 18, vanished after attending a party together in Newport News. 10 The First Murders Photo credit: Wild Blue Press They had also been shot to death. They're very, very different in force and intensity to the victim.'. The two-night special premiere of "Lovers Lane Murders" airs Feb. 11 at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. The killer drove his victims vehicles away from the murder sites. Meghan Markle's ex-BFF Jessica Mulroney visits the National Gallery and treats herself to a Who Were The Colonial Parkway Murder Victims? With the help of partnering labs, forensic genealogists are able to use preserved samples to create a DNA profile of the culprit and then use that profile to search public databases for any potential matches. According to the synopsis of 'Lovers' Lane Murders', "In the premiere episode, after US Naval Academy graduate Cathy Thomas and her girlfriend Becky Dowski are murdered in a . Then in April 1988, Keith Call, 20, and Cassandra Hailey, 18, disappeared after a college party, The Virginian-Pilot reported. Check out what's clicking today in entertainment. Oxygen's two-night true-crime special Lovers' Lane Murders focuses on the slaying of eight men and women at the Colonial Parkway in Virginia The double homicides took play over a four-year. All rights reserved. Watch S1 E1 Home Watch News Latest Episodes 43:49 S1 - E4 A Portrait Of Evil 43:49 S1 - E3 Sixty years later, Patti Kalitzke and Lloyd Bogle had the justice they deserved. [23], On June 25, 2018, editors at Listverse released a new article, "Ten Disturbing Facts About the Colonial Parkway Murders. Anyone can read what you share. He was immediately met with the daunting task of digitizing the expansive case file, an endeavor that took months. It's unclear what they were doing together. In most cases, those profiles can end up linking to distant relatives of the culprit say, a second or third cousin. Now, a team of former FBI special agents intends to bringing them to justice and providing answers to the victims' families. Mr. Bogle was an airman from Waco, Texas, stationed nearby at Malmstrom Air Force Base. It was only three days into 1956 when three boys from Montana, out for a hike on a normal January day, made a gruesome discovery they were unlikely to ever forget. The officer found the black Ford Ranger with both doors open and the drivers window partially rolled down which caused police to believe that the perpetrator had possibly been posing as or was some sort of uniformed officer. Traci Rosenbaum/The Great Falls Tribune, via Associated Press. Keith Wolverton, a captain with the Great Falls sheriffs department in the late 1980s and a high school classmate of Kalitzkes, became obsessed with the bullets he was sure were in the cottonwood tree near the location of Bogles car: if he could only find those bullets on lovers lane, perhaps he could trace them to a weapon. We've collected five of the most notorious cold cases in American history, ranging from 1892 to 1996. . "Because it was all theories up to that point we finally had a match and we had a name. "[33], On February 9, 2021, Access Hollywood presented a television series about the Colonial Parkway murders. Andy's body was discovered tied to a nearby tree. Although there are suspects, the murders remain unsolved. The lover's lane murders just wouldn't be solved. She'd been sexually assaulted and murdered. Bogle, an airman hailing from Texas, and Kalitzke, a junior at Great Falls High School, had fallen for each other and were even considering marriage, the Tribune reports. So if I was asked is this great modern technology a great thing, I would say, on balance, yes, for my generation, a generation once removed. "My first impression was that the only way we're gonna ever solve this is through the use of DNA," Kadner said. From 1986 to 1989, four double homicides occurred either on or near the scenic, seemingly safe road. Afterwards, they did what many teens at the time would have done. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. And it pains me to think that 34 years have gone by now. First he digitized the entire case file, which took months. He had married another 16-year-old girl in 1952 and eventually had five children. In 2014, retired Great Falls police Detective John Cameron wrote a book claiming Edward Wayne Edwards, a serial killer implicated in several murders similar to Kalitskes and Bogles, had done the deed. She was determined She was also a Russian scholar. Without any leads, the case went cold. Kadner was able to reach out to Kalitzkes and Bogles surviving relatives to deliver the news. It was a bittersweet revelation: They were grateful for answers, but for many of the older people in the family, it was a struggle to have those wounds reopened. When they didnt come home that night, their families assumed they had eloped, Sergeant Kadner said. Upon closer inspection, he noticed a red bandana hanging from the rear-view mirror, and another loosely tied around the clutch. Fly the flag in style: JO ELVIN's got red, white and blue Coronation style covered. Kalitzke had definitely been raped, and that rapist had left a DNA sample. "It's really fantastic technology and it's going to solve a lot of cold cases," Singer said. The teenagers were last seen at Petes Drive-In restaurant in Great Falls, just after 9 p.m. on Jan. 2, 1956. Psychic Pam Coronado felt that the killings were all related but that the locations of the cars were not where the actual violence occurred. On October 19, 1989, the skeletonised bodies of Phelps and Lauer were found in a wooded area by hunters along Interstate 64 between Williamsburg and Richmond. Oxygen's two-night true-crime special Lovers' Lane Murders focuses on the slaying of eight men and women at the Colonial Parkway in Virginia . Each had been shot in the head. Cheryl's body was found underneath a fence not too far from Andy's abandoned car. Hailey left her family's residence in Grafton, Virginia on April 9, 1988, when Call picked her up for their first date and they planned to spend the day together. When she did not turn up for work on March 10 her stepfather reported her missing. She had everything going for her. Pettinger also worked as a security guard and loss prevention officer for the same security services company where Colonial Parkway victim Robin Edwards' mother, Bonnie Edwards, worked as a receptionist at the time of Robin's murder.[9]. Lauer's car, a gold 1972 Chevrolet Nova, was soon found abandoned at the Interstate 64 New Kent rest stop in New Kent County and it was discovered to have been facing the wrong direction, away from their intended Virginia Beach destination. A lovers' lane is a secluded area where people kiss, make out, or engage in sexual activity. No worries now, although I wouldnt go there at night.'. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. Her father, who died in 2013, had idolized Duane, as a boy, she said. For decades, the Cascade County Sheriff's Office continued to work on it, with multiple detectives attempting to make progress over the years. ", EMILIE MORRIS, THE FORMER STUDENT WHO DIED AFTER ACCUSING HER COACH OF ABUSE, BECOMES FOCUS OF TRUE-CRIME DOC. Clue? "If there's new technology and we are able to potentially solve something, we want to keep working at it, because ultimately we're trying to do it for the family," he said. Known as the "Lover's Lane Murders", the brutal killing of 22-year-old Cheryl Henry and 21-year-old Andy Atkinson in August 1990 shocked the Houston, Texas area and is considered one of Houston's most brutal slayings. Call's unoccupied vehicle was discovered abandoned at the York River Overlook on Colonial Parkway in Yorktown, Virginia at 7:00 a.m. on April 10, but it was not reported to authorities until 9:00 a.m. LA County Criminal Prosecutor. At the time of her death, Cathy was dating Dowski, a student at the College of William and Mary. Mike also had defensive wounds and a comparatively lower dosage of Demerol in his system. That sample had been preserved in an evidence vault for six decades. [But] we certainly were worried about harassment. After murdering Bogle, his killer turned his attention to Kalitzke. But when the other crimes started taking place, year after year, youre just shocked This person may have a law enforcement background or at least understand how law enforcement works.". Someone had attacked them as they necked in Bogles car on that lovers lane. The car had been pushed down an embankment off the Colonial Parkway In Virginia. Could it help Kadner finally nail the lovers lane killer? This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, Even without that complication, Singer explained to NPR, the success rate depends heavily on how well the evidence has been preserved over the years. Thomas said the families were devastated by the sudden, brutal deaths. It s a place where instead of love, the couple met a terrible fate. List of fugitives from justice who disappeared, List of serial killers in the United States, "Colonial Parkway Murders Remain Unsolved", "Fred Atwell, Controversial Figure In Colonial Parkway Murders, Arrested In Georgia",, "New details published in Colonial Parkway murders", "Is note a break in Colonial Parkway murders? [8], Brian Craig Pettinger, 25, a heavy equipment operator, was last seen at a Hampton, Virginia dance club on December 4, 1987, at 11:30 p.m. Two months later on February 3, 1988, Pettingers body was found by fishermen floating in a marshy area of the James River in Suffolk, Virginia near the mouth of the Chuckatuck Creek that flows into the James River. The series made its debut on February 1112, 2021. Entertainment Television presented a full-length documentary, THS Investigates Serial Killers on the Loose, which features a segment on the Colonial Parkway murders. Sergeant Kadner said he believed it was the oldest homicide case in the United States to be solved with genetic genealogy, which uses DNA from crime scenes to identify the relatives of potential suspects and eventually the suspects themselves. [citation needed], In January 2010, a team from FBI Norfolk and FBI Headquarters met with the victims' families to update them on the status of the investigation. Her father established a reward fund for any tips that would lead to his daughters killer, and contributions quickly mounted to more than five hundred dollars. The only thing found was Calls car on the parkway. She added:'The fascination depends on the level of publicity.'. The canvas top of the jeep had been rolled up and pinned back even though it had rained over the weekend. Lovers' Lane Murders will examine both, and it's all kicking off Thursday, Feb. 11 with a two-night special premiere. We're essentially going backwards. "I hope people will understand that the loss that weve suffered has not prevented us as families from continuing to focus on seeing some degree of justice done," Thomas, who serves as one of the shows producers, told Fox News. You had two young, vibrant individuals that were well-liked among their peer group investigators poured their heart and soul into this case, Kadner told one reporter. Margaret and Hall had been dating for four years and were engaged to be married. During Kalitzke's autopsy in 1956, coroners had taken a vaginal swab, which had been preserved on a microscopic slide in the years since, according to the Great Falls Tribune report. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. The outlet noted that there were no clear signs of robbery or rape for any of these cases. According to the special, gays and lesbians were banned from the Navy at the time and she had reportedly been investigated by nine agents. The shocking lovers' lane murders in Virginia's Colonial Parkway have never been solved. They had been strangled and their throats were slashed, though there was no evidence of sexual assault. Two popular kids . About the Case The couple travelled in Call's red 1982 Toyota Celica. ", JONBENET RAMSEYS HALF BROTHER STILL WANTS TO FIND HER KILLER: THIS CASE CAN BE SOLVED, Part 1 and 2 of Oxygen's 'Lovers Lane Murders' airs Thursday night. And there Kalitzke and Bogles murders stayed: unsolved. Newspaper clippings from the investigative file into the 1956 murders of Duane Bogle, 18, and Patricia Kalitzke, 16, in Great Falls, Mont. In 2019, with the help of Bode Technology, a Virginia company that specializes in DNA analysis, another DNA profile was extracted from the sample, which enabled investigators to build a family tree that led them to Mr. Gould, Sergeant Kadner said. "Cathy was somebody that could more than hold her own in any situation," he said. EXCLUSIVE: Bill Thomas is adamant that in his lifetime, hell find out the identity of his sisters murderer. Lovers' Lane Murders A former FBI profiler and former FBI special agents gain access to the family members of victims and track down new leads in an attempt to solve the 30-year old murders of four young couples along Virginia's picturesque Colonial Parkway. that has never been solved and featured in one of . He called it "a reverse family tree. Six weeks later, hunters found their remains. Two Montana Sweethearts Were Fatally Shot in 1956. ', Still missing: Christopher Newport University students Richard CallLess, 20, (L) and Cassandra Hailey, 18, (R) vanished in April 1988 after attending a party together, Last: In September 1989, Daniel Lauer, 21, (L) and Annamaria Phelps, 18, (R) went missing on their way to Virginia Beach, but their bodies weren't found until a month late. Their murders remain unsolved today. She had been shot in the head, just as Bogle had been, but she had also been sexually assaulted. The vehicle had veered off the beaten path and into thick, dense shrubbery, only a few feet from a 15-foot drop into the York River. On September 5, 1989, just after Labor Day weekend, Annamaria Phelps, 18, and Daniel Lauer, 21, vanished while en route to Virginia Beach. Investigators have never been able to locate their bodies, but they're presumed dead. Both victims had been shot; Robin in the back of the head execution-style, and David twice, once in the head and once in the shoulder like he had been running from the killer. romantic restaurants in san jose with a view, pff cornerback rankings 2022, are colourpop lip liner eye safe,

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